Spring'22 Edition

a gateway to support your wholesome blossoming


BLOOM is a range of eight unique blends using the Australian Bush Flower Essences. Each blend holds profound potential to catalyse aligned growth, healing and transformation from within. Subtle yet potent in nature and application, these blends were created to support resolution from past emotional states and release of repetitive patterns throughout the various stages of transformation as I have experienced first-hand & witnessed across the years as a guide, facilitator & practitioner.

Enjoy receiving their powerful & nurturing energy as we navigate this potent time of accelerated change both individually & collectively. 

With all my love,




guiding you home

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Bold Moves

courage & confidence forward

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Get It Done

focus, acuity & commitment

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Spiritual Emergence

smooth spiritual initiation

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Relating 101

relational transformation

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Release Control

trust & deeply receive

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Deep Peace

rest your mind

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Soul Remembrance

soul attunement & activation

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guiding you home



Pink Mulla Mulla / Tall Yellow Top / Angelsword / Sydney Rose / Springwater & Organic Brandy as preservative



  • A constant struggle with 'being here' in this body / life due to past experiences & wounds

  • Abandoned by Spirit / life

  • Unsupported

  • Keeping others at arms length due to fear of repetitive abandonment wound(s) being activated

  • Overtly independent or putting out unconscious prickliness as a learnt protective mechanism to not let people in

  • Lack of trust in life / others due to past experiences

  • Fractured by traumatic experiences / memories from this or previous lives

Can help with


  • Strengthened connection to self

  • Feeling more supported by life & surrounds

  • Feeling unburdened by past experiences & memories negating the sense of belonging & connection

  • Greater connection to surrounds, including with others

  • Feeling safer in one's body, in one's life

  • Feeling a deeper level of belonging here in this life, on this Earth

  • Feeling more integrated within oneself and with the greater force of life itself


7 drops under tongue AM & PM

frequently asked questions


How do Flower Essences work:

Flower essences are essentially infused water from the vibrational energy of living flowers. Just as you have a spirit or essence, every flower, plant and tree does too. Each flower emitting a different teaching for us to learn, grow and heal with. Taking flower essences each day help us to to explore, understand and support our subtle body which ultimately governs the way we engage with the world and life itself. Throughout life we can gather many tension layers of protection and/or separation from experiences and circumstances we find ourselves in. Some we choose and some we don’t. This can create layers of suppressed emotion, disconnection, and deep seated beliefs that can seperate us from our true nature. Flower essences work subtly yet deeply to help us to open up to a higher state of awareness, bringing light to that which does not support us any longer and release these layers gently and sustainably.

What goes into a blend:

Your 30ml bespoke flower essence includes stock + spring water + brandy (approx. 7.5ml) as the recommended & preferred preservative according to Ian White, founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE).

How long do I take it for? 

Typically, 21-days to one month as a minimum, which is considered “one round”. Remedies are made in 30 ml bottles - if taken twice daily (AM & PM) this should last approx. 30 days.  Please refer to the guidance of your practitioner as you may require multiple rounds or a different blend.


Flower essence remedies have no known side effects and are safe for adults, children and animals. As with anything new being introduced it’s always good to check with your health care provider prior to commencing if you are taking other medications or have any concerns. These remedies are not replacement for medical support or advice. 

How do I choose?

From the BLOOM range, read through the energies they support and find the one that most resonates. There are no adverse effects should there be a particular emotion or energy that does not feel as relevant as the others within a blend. 

Do you offer individualised flower consults & blends?

Yes! Flower Consults can be booked in here.

I have a question that I would like answered.

Get in touch - I'd love to hear from you! 

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