meet Jamie

warmest greetings

Hi, I'm Jamie and I'm so pleased you've found me.


I'm a 5/1 Emotional Manifestor in Human Design with Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon & Rising, with Aries North Node in the 6th house. I have made it my chosen mission to inspire, evoke emotion, effect change and innovation in all spaces I interact with, be it in art installations, words, movement or healing spaces. I have been adamant and committed to breaking the bonds of inter-generational patterns of avoidance, disempowerment, addiction, victimhood and blame (to name a few) since I was a young six-years-old. I have continually desired to carve out a reality different to what was expected of (and taught to) me. Naturally, questioning and challenging status quo became my driving force and guiding light throughout my childhood and later-life. I strongly believe that everyone has the power, strength and resilience to activate, trust and follow through on their body's inner wisdom. I have seen time and time again clients and students heal from various ailments emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically once they begin to safely access their emotions and activate their creative life-force from within.


Naturally, I am passionate about self-study, transformation and sustainable ways to catalyse the layers of one's deconditioning. Nothing fulfils me more than witnessing others empower themselves to unleash their most unapologetic, vibrant selves in all areas of life, to evoke their fullest integrity and truest alignment. 

I'm beyond thrilled to be walking alongside and guiding you on this journey.

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about Jamie

Jamie is a Transformation Guide passionate and deeply dedicated to supporting others through significant periods of life-changes and spiritual awakening.


She specialises in providing individualised guidance in creating spaciousness and trust in one’s body, heart and intuition as they reclaim their authority, creativity and voice. Jamie is gifted at translating and bringing forward subconscious information beneath energy blockages from a spiritual etheric level down to the physical, cellular and emotional level.


Her potent body of work has impacted and initiated tremendous positive change in one's relationships, health, career, creativity and a plethora of expansive environmental circumstances both inside and out.


Jamie’s work is accessible both in-person in Brisbane Australia as well as digitally worldwide.

how she works

Jamie works gently yet deeply with clients and students to create a safe space to bring clarity surrounding issues presenting themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Jamie is able to see beyond clients' inner-dialogues, narratives and subconscious patterns to help them rediscover and realign with their true self and inner authority in a safe, guided and nurturing way.


Jamie works in a very practical and grounded yet highly intuitive way. Highly gifted in her ability in Akashic Records reading, she is also well versed in the frameworks of human design, chakra energetic science, emotional anatomy, Ayurveda, yogic sciences and north nodal astrology, coupled with her embodiment experience as a bodyworker, yoga therapist and massage therapist, she is able to help clients practically integrate and ground into their understanding from a spiritual etheric level down to the physical, cellular and emotional level. 


Her body of work is available and accessible both in-person and virtually,

Brisbane & worldwide.

what to expect

A one-on-one session usually begins with a check in conversation to gain clarity on what’s presenting and we discuss some possible contributing factors (such as beliefs, conditioning, habits and behaviours). This discussion includes exchange of intuitive insight and explanation of the underlying subtle energetics and how we can work to shift them. 


Most in-person sessions (where time permits) follows with table work incorporating a blend of emotional release bodywork, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Ayurvedic massage to help the physical, emotional and energetic body integrate and move residual holding patterns and stuck energies to invoke a more embodied experience of alignment & flow.  

Sessions held virtually can include an individualised guided visualisation journey for clients to clear energetic blocks, express repressed emotions and bring gentle closure to energetic cords. 


All sessions concludes with space for sharing, reflection and take home actions.

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Jamie's backstory

Jamie is your quintessential go-getter and high achiever, with her Singaporean Chinese heritage to thank for her fierce tenacity. Previously an Environmental Scientist, Jamie found Yoga in the gym many years ago, practised in a less than mindful way with thumping techno reverberating through the floors, with hard-core cardio workout and poses in mind to achieve. It wasn’t until life threw Jamie some unexpected curve balls that Jamie found herself back at the feet of Yoga, searching for the sense of quietness and clarity within that the practise brought (really, it was all in the breathing). Since then, Jamie has continued to deepen her self-exploration and healing through further study and inquiry into the emotional body, our subconconscious mind, the Akashic field, and how to embody empowerment in all areas of life. 


As such, through her offerings, with lightness and brightness, Jamie teaches and guides in a way that bridges ancient wisdom and modern science, encouraging and inviting authentic, empowered, self-aware practice. Jamie draws from the science of neuroplasticity, chakras, emotional anatomy, Ayurveda, interweaved with ancient yogic and elemental earth-based wisdom. It is Jamie’s intention, through body movement and awareness, to share tools to help others rediscover and reconnect with their inner leading person, to be wholly the person they are, to lead a spacious, sustainable, healthy and nourishing life.