Women's Alchemy






emotional release

psychosomatic therapy







embodying your inner alchemist

- an in-person cacao & embodiment journey -


Friday 12 March 2021

6pm - 9pm

Soul Space Brisbane

23 Parker Road, Newmarket




Heart sharing

Embodiment breathwork

Emotional activation & undulation journey

Intimate ceremony






Welcome to Women's Alchemy, an intimately woven alchemical inner journey created to access, activate and amplify a woman's full nature, collectively. 

This in-person gathering invites an intimate circle of women to gather together with Jamie, to connect deeply with ourselves & each other as we journey the Embody Your Inner Alchemist experience. Through the release of residual emotional shackles, outdated programming and generational pain from our bodies through ceremony, intention, breath work and a carefully curated emotional activation & undulation journey experience, Jamie will be weaving together her experience as an exceptional emotional release facilitator & somatic bodyworker in a group environment supporting each participant through their process to enter fully into their power. 

A story shared is a power exchanged.


This invitation is to call in an intimate group of women who are ready to drop their limiting narratives and sink deep into their bodies to connect with their inner power, summon their courage & activate their voice, and be wholly witnessed in their fullest magnificence, radiance and glory as full-embodied women.


Unmasked, unapologetic, unstoppable.

Coinciding with the eve of the Pisces New Moon, we will be in deep reflection for the final cycle of the lunar astrological year of 2020/21. 

When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.


- Phylicia Rashad


We will be journeying with the magical heart medicine of cacao for this circle to drop us deeper into our heart space, infused with intention and creativity into our shared time together. To support your journey through the evening and beyond, you will also receive a bespoke roller-blend of handcrafted oils + crystal chosen to support your integration from our journey experience.



Flow of the evening:

Welcoming smudging & anointment

Opening & grounding

Cacao is served

Archetypal embodiment breathwork & emotional activation journey

Writing & reflection

Story sharing

Gifting & receiving circle


Leave the evening feeling fully heard, witnessed, seen & held.

Limited spaces available to maintain the intimate nature of this circle.



$78 (booked by 7 March)

$88 thereafter


  • Women's Alchemy ~ Embodying Your Inner Alchemist
    12 Mar 2021, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    Soul Space Brisbane, 23 Parker St, Newmarket QLD 4051, Australia
    Women's Alchemy is an intimately curated alchemical inner journey to access, activate and amplify a woman's full nature through breath, sound, movement, and emotional activation.

All purchases made are final & non-refundable.

Should you be unable to attend, you are welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend or loved one. It is your responsibility to arrange this and inform Jamie asap via email


further info.


What to bring:

Mats, blankets, bolsters are available but you're more than welcome to bring your favourite sheepskin, cushion, blanket, scarf/eye-covering, water bottle, journal and pen. 

What to wear:

Loose, comfortable clothing to move your body in.

You're also invited to dress in whatever makes you feel powerful, alive and empowered

Prepping for the event:

Stay well hydrated all day. Eat your usual meals & something light in the afternoon around 5pm.

Cacao will served around 6.30pm or thereabouts.

Cacao is a stimulant (also a beautiful heart opener & muscle relaxant) so it is advised to stay away from caffeine throughout the day. If on anti-depressants it's not recommended to have cacao, due to potential interaction of some of its active ingredients. 

Light snacks will be provided at the event (gf & vegan).

On spatial distancing:

This is a Covid-safe event. Sanitiser will be provided & hand soaps at the venue.

If you're unwell, or experiencing fever, cough or sore throat, please stay home.

I have a question that I would like answered:

Get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!


about the spaces Jamie holds.


Jamie holds a deeply activated space that supports personal and collective transformation. She is dedicated to help awaken the creative force within each person, for them to fully experience, embody and express their greatest potential. It is Jamie’s intention to hold up a mirror for students and clients to courageously meet their own transformative capacity, breakthrough glass ceilings and arrive at higher levels of awareness, sensitivity, responsibility and alignment in all aspects of their lives, to become of more constructive service to their community and our planet.​


In groups, Jamie is highly gifted at commanding, channelling and directing the energy of the space both in the etheric and in the physical, to evoke the energy of deep, sustainable inner growth. It is not lightly that Jamie holds this place with deep strength, embodied power and gentleness, activating long-lasting transformational change, emotional releases and personal breakthroughs.


hear from other women:


Working with Jamie in her specialised women's series has been transformational for me. She holds such firm AND gentle space for people, she directs but does not pressure, she commands growth even only with her presence. I love the rituals she organises - I love the cards, the crystals, the oils, the intimate sharing, the chanting... her words resonating while we are holding a posture or while listening to powerful mantras, that she explains and applies to our own personal stories. I am always struck by the deep invocation of greater power that we all inevitably feel.

Jamie is a generous spirit and exhumes energy. I feel deeply connected to myself and recharged after each class. The physical work settles my mind and teaches me about endurance on so many levels. Every time is different and every time there is new light and jewels to unearth. Thank you, Jamie!
 - A.


'.... using these tools in combination with the beautiful sharing circle of women and Jamie's graceful yet strong approach to teaching, I feel like each week I am able to release barriers being held up and also have my cup filled. This safe space has allowed me to work through things I cognitively knew I would like to and others I didn't know I needed to. Thank you Jamie for being our guide, anchor and curator. It is always such a pleasure to be in your presence.' - J.


'I have been (in circle with) Jamie for only two weeks and the energetic shifts, the alignment and the inner-peace that has come from it has been out of this world. I had every single ex-partner that I have had reach out and make peace with me, my energetic makeup has completely changed, my aura is clean and strong, I vibrate on a whole new wavelength and "medical" issues I have had for years have completely vanished including a breathing/chest problem  that no doctor could figure out!

I highly recommend Jamie and the containers she hold as she is the most supportive, fun, charismatic, intuitive, caring space holder and an incredible teacher & guide. She is very passionate about what she brings to the table in her sessions but she's also that beautiful infectious bright light in the room that makes you laugh and smile from the heart.' - J.