an intuitive, multidisciplinary approach

to personal transformation



Jamie's signature Transformational Bodywork (or massage) uses the power of conscious touch, pressure, breath and mind-body connection to ​deeply nurture and rebalance. Jamie offers a unique blend of several massage techniques including thai massage, ayurvedic massage and emotional release bodywork. Clients are also anointed with an intuitive selection of essential oils hand-picked for their body's needs. 

Jamie is also trained in Heartworks Lomi Lomi, which is a deeply nurturing and healing 90min Hawaiian style of massage to soften your mind, body and spirit. Through continuous, long flowing strokes along the full length of your body, it allows one to experience a deep union and spaciousness within their heart. Excellent for detoxification, lymphatic drainage, as well as supporting the immune, nervous and circulatory systems, Heartworks Lomi Lomi is the perfect massage for releasing energetic blockages to invite in new clarity and rejuvenation to one’s life.


Jamie also offers ArōmaTouch® Technique massage, which is a delicately nurturing application of eight specially picked essential oils for stress management, immune support, anti-inflammation and reintroducing homeostasis into one's body and life. 


Book in for a transformational and nurturing bodywork session with Jamie to awake your senses, free your mind and body from external pressures to deeply align with your true self.



Aromatherapy is a simple and non-invasive way of using essential oils to uplift one's whole mind-body system. Smell receptors located on the upper surface of the nasal cavity makes direct link to the limbic systems of the brain, an area that especially governs the body's emotional and fight/flight responses. Olfactory centres also links directly to our pituitary gland in the hypothalamus, that secretes hormones affecting the regulation of blood pressure, hunger, thyroid function, sleep cycles and production of sexual hormones, memory and many other things. The direct link here allows aroma to directly influence neochemistry throughout the body and affect powerful health outcomes. 


Jamie uses a select range of hand-picked pure therapeutic grade essential oils during her practice to anoint, support and help clients deepen, integrate and embody their learnings both

inside and outside the treatment space. 


Jamie also offers ArōmaTouch® Technique massage, which is a delicately nurturing application of eight specially picked essential oils for stress management, immune support, anti-inflammation and reintroducing homeostasis into one's body and life. 


Book in for an hour long session with Jamie to receive an ArōmaTouch® Technique massage or a consultation to see how essential oils can quite literally change your life.

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psychosomatic therapy

Psycho-soma literally means Mind (psyche) and Body (soma). Psychosomatic Therapy draws largely on our mind-body connection, which is undoubtedly linked to many underlying causes of dis-ease presenting in our bodies and lives. This intimate connection between body and mind means the cells and muscles in our physical body store and remember our all life's actions and reactions. Psychosomatic Therapy is also based primarily on the science of chakras and emotional anatomy (emotions stored in our anatomy). 


Jamie uses Psychosomatic Therapy to identify and shine awareness on symptoms presenting themselves physically, emotionally and mentally. This is often teamed with bodywork to release emotions, past trauma, habitual behavioural patterns and pain in one's system. This is especially useful for those living with physical pain, recurring injuries or diseases and have tried many conventional methods.  


Book in for a Psychosomatic Therapy coaching session with Jamie to transform from within

in a safe, nurturing, empowered and fully supported way. 



Meditation is a state of deep peace when one's mind is still and quiet. It allows one to observe their thoughts, reactions and mind chatter. ​Jamie is practised in and offers a wide range of meditation techniques including still, movement, breath and sound meditation, catering to all levels of experience. Meditation is an excellent non-invasive tool to include in one's life to effect physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through connecting with breath and awareness.


Jamie offers one-on-one meditation sessions to cater for one's individual needs. 

yoga therapy


Yoga Therapy is a complementary tool that uses an integrative approach and blend of yogic science and techniques to harmonise body, mind and spirit. It focuses on the whole individual rather than the specific ​disease or condition. In addition to individualised yoga instruction, a yoga therapy session with Jamie is often teamed with lifestyle guidance and an attainable daily practice that follows. 


Jamie draws especially on kundalini yoga technology and yin yoga to effect long-lasting changes and gently invite personal devotion and discipline back to one's life. The practice of yoga itself improves emotional balance and clarity of mind; the ultimate empowering practice for self-improvement and connection.


Jamie also offers individualised yoga classes & packages to suit client's needs.


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Ayurveda is an ancient healing methodology from India that dates back some 5,000 years.

It draws largely on the mind-body medicine philosophy which aligns closely with Jamie's transformative work around cultivating self awareness and self empowered healing.


Jamie draws on this traditional healing technique to identify imbalances within one's constitution and makes suggestions for modifying one's life using (but not limited to)

lifestyle practices, diet and nutrition, meditation and yoga. 


Book in for an Ayurvedic lifestyle consult with Jamie to learn more about your constitution and how you can modify and realign your whole mind-body system in a simple, manageable and empowered way.