[ 1:1 mentoring ]



Depth & power. These are the first words that come to mind when working with Jamie. 


I have been lucky enough to have worked with Jamie for over 2 years. The growth and heart-opening experiences I’ve had with her on my side is worth so much. 


Something that makes Jamie amazing to work with is her combination of grounded practical knowledge mixed with intuitive wisdom. Jamie blends these together and creates a potent, transformational experience.  In sessions you will likely be crying tears of joy, release or laughing hysterically, but either way you will be having profound shifts to your inner and outer world. Her sessions are not like any normal session – they are a spiritual journey. They transcend time and space, and leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. If you want to take quantum leaps in your growth, Jamie is the person for you.

- Emelitta, Women's Empowerment & Embodiment Coach



I had no idea what to expect when coming into a session with Jamie. I gave her a short brief of the experiences I was going through at the time, stressing where I felt I needed guidance, support and answers. The moment we started the session, she was able to intuitively explain the energetics of my situation and give practical tools I could implement to shift them. I felt seen, heard and safe, when I went into further details of the situation - Jamie is amazing at creating a supportive space for sharing. She was able to answer my questions in a gentle/nurturing way, ultimately reaffirming what I intuitively knew all along. I felt like I was reminded of my own personal power and the importance of listening and expressing my needs. 


Jamie works in absolute flow and intuits with uncanny accuracy what specific action steps to take to transform the situation at hand. She was able to bring in and integrate wisdom from multiple modalities which for me included essential oils, Human Design, Astrology and oracle cards. She essentially guided me to find my own internal answers through provocative questions - there was no “guru” or “healer” element at all - the dynamic and container between us raw, real and completely equal. 

- Chiara, Writer & Human Design & Astrology Enthusiast



If you are looking at working with Jamie, your life will definitely change. I met Jamie a few years ago and since then I have been growing a lot in my personal and professional life. Through my work with Jamie, I was able to heal my deepest wounds, to gain self-confidence and to take the control of my life. Currently, Jamie is helping me during my pregnancy. As a pregnant woman, we can be dealing with some insecurity and some fears. During my monthly sessions with Jamie, I have been able to solve my issues and now I am ready to welcome my baby and to be a great mum. I am so grateful that I met Jamie; she is my guide and my mentor. A life without Jamie would not have the same taste. So if you are ready to start a new adventure, I strongly advise you to work with Jamie.

- Celine, new mother, teacher & healer



What can I say about someone who can SEE you... see you in your purpose, on your highest path, in complete alignment with your own eternal greatness and knows how to draw out these energies from you without breaking a sweat... EXTRA extraordinary.  This is Jamie. 


Jamie was and continues to be the best solution for my desire to uncover more of myself, to light a fire under me, and to give me the spaciousness to remember my own light.  My time with Jamie is always thoughtful and thought-provoking and always leaves me with more than how I showed up.  From breakdown to breakthrough there is no one else I would rather turn to.  In humble gratitude, thank you Jamie.

- Maria, Light Language Practitioner & Intuitive Guide


Jamie brings a sense of sanity and space into my life. Calm, knowledgeable and wise.

Sometimes I don't realise I needed my regular chat with her until I get there. I walk out with significant shifts in my being, perspective and mood.


Thank you Jamie for walking alongside me on this incredible journey (walking out of) this job. You helped me to see it as it was, to trust myself and intuition, reduce self doubt, to believe in myself and have the courage to take actions to an exciting future. 

- Michelle B.




When I first went to see Jamie, I felt very disconnected and alone. I was working a job I hated, and helping others whilst suffering in silence. She helped me explore those feelings, and opened me up to trust and reconnect with the community around me.  She worked on releasing physical ailments whilst aligning my mind and body to be balanced and in tune with the world again.  She helped me recognise some old belief systems that were sabotaging my new relationships, so I have been able to recognise patterns and pivot myself in a new exciting direction.

I now work in the personal development industry, which I never thought would be possible. It is through Jamie's encouragement and kindness that I developed the courage to push past my hurt and towards my dreams.   Highly recommend her services for anyone struggling to align body and soul to find inner peace again.

- Amie S., Relationship Manager