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Are you ready to disrupt your existing ways of operating?

This four week immersion is designed to help you get laser sharp focus, strengthened brain power and amplified navel strength to awaken your capacity to upgrade your energetic blueprint and accelerate your growth and success-ability.

Whether you are yearning to breakthrough some conscious / sub-conscious internal glass ceilings, wanting to accelerate, revitalise and upgrade your current life, business, or both; or simply wanting to sharpen your axe and inner intuitive compass so you finish Spring and enter the final season of the decade (yes, decade!) with clear direction, fierce purpose, full courage and sass, Summer Accelerator Series is for you. The intention of this jam-packed series is to equip you with the energetic blueprint to enter the Summer of 2019/20 with a clearer, more esteemed, penetrative and impactful self-concept.

Expect to be heavily inspired.

Expect to be held accountable.

Expect to disrupt your everyday normal.

Expect to turn the volume up on brave self-leadership.

Expect to have your creative genius shine.

Most of all -

Expect to make a difference.

Learn to harness the sheer power within our navel centre, to create the most steady, deeply powerful foundation from which we can project into the physical reality our inner voice to actualise our dreams. 

We will be using the technology of kundalini yoga and meditation to command the

Universe to work through you and for you.


Amplify your wherewithal to commit and sustain you and your project(ion).

Experience and embody more of your authentic, multi-dimensional self.


“Every disability is imagined. Every achievement is an experience” - Yogi Bhajan


Delivered in an intimate setting, this specialised curated series ensures space for individual attention each week, accountability measures and personalised channelled tips and upgrade challenges.

Book for the full series and receive 2 x 30min sessions with Jamie (valued at $160). These are like rapid-fire energetic alignment catapults to align you with clarity and constructive action.

Here's to fiercely celebrating your success, together.

Only 8 available spaces to maintain the intimate, immersive nature of this container.

Who this is for:

Anyone who knows they are here on a mission to create impact

Anyone who wants to prepare themselves for excellence

Anyone who wants to expand beyond their limitations

Anyone who would like to connect with other women in an intimate sharing circle

Anyone who wants to experience group accountability and connection


What to expect:

- smudging welcome ceremony

- weekly introduction & sharing circle

- oracle card reading & oil anointment

- specially curated physical practice

- meditation to support and deepen your upgrade

- deep relaxation

- oracle card reading

- floral tea served & space for reflection, closing sharing and connection

Kundalini Yoga works very effectively in strengthening and tonifying our glandular, nervous and endocrine systems to support the embracing of our sensitive, empathic, sensorial ways. Experience the effects of healthier energetic boundaries with the added benefit of glowing radiance, clearer auric field, increased confidence, prosperity and a deep sense of inner richness in Self. When we go deep within, we are able to emerge and share our light with those around us, to use our power to uplift and serve the world.

BYO mat, cushion (optional), water bottle, pen & accountability journal.

Blankets are provided.

Floral tea is served at the end of each session.

Wear comfortable clothing.



$44 drop-in

Book for the full series & receive:

+ curated potent physical kriya practice and major brain boosting meditation

+ access to an exclusive FB group for support, questions and guidance

+ 2 x 30min one-on-one check-in calls with Jamie (done online over Zoom)



Venue: The Studio Brisbane - 139 Latrobe Terrace

On-street parking available on Latrobe Terrace & also side streets Collingwood Street & Stafford Street.

Most convenient public transport 70metres from venue: bus 375, Stop 11 - Latrobe Tce at Trammies Corner.


Any questions - please get in touch jamie@thespaciousnest.com

All purchases are final and non-refundable.


About Jamie:

Jamie holds a soft, yet deeply transformative ceremonial space in her gatherings and women's circles. She invites and allows each person to be fully and completely seen. It is Jamie’s intention for each participant to be held and heard in their vulnerability and strength, beauty and grace. 


Jamie is gifted at creating a space that holds up a mirror for each person to embrace their sensorial gifts, realise their potential and most of all, to meet with their own transformative capacity to truly blossom.


What women are saying:

'Kundalini yoga isn't for the faint-hearted. It's not for people who are resistant to change - internally and externally and it's not for people who don't want to grow. What I have experienced the past 6 weeks (of the Spring Bloom & Prosper Series) has been the most life changing, in a positive way. I can feel myself on a higher vibration and a clearer way of thinking. Words can't express how thankful I am to have Jamie facilitate a kundalini yoga class. She's magic <3' - Jess 

'Absolute amazingness....I felt called to share the dramatic impact (the card I drew last night) had on me, my way of being and thinking. I am navigating my (low) wave from a completely different perspective and am using the energy constructively and learning about myself in a completely different way; transforming darkness to lightness. I love this (Osho) deck and I LOVE Jamie's work. (It is) hitting me in ways I never thought possible.' - Em

'Jamie has a beautiful way of holding space for her students. Her certainty, her wisdom and her assurance gives me the confidence I need when I come to her classes. Kundalini is amazing and Jamie is a wonderful guide.' - Grace

'The last 6 weeks (of Kundalini Yoga for the Sensitive Soul series) have been tough...but it needed to be in order for me to move past the suppressed anger, frustration, betrayal, people pleasing fear that I was holding onto. I feel more comfortable being sensitive + angry! I've appreciated the safe space to share, chant and meditate. This has been amazing. You have awoken my curiosity and love for kundalini.' - Laura

'Thank you Jamie for creating a kundalini yoga series that is challenging yet therapeutic; an open space yet closed group, with gentleness yet firmness in practice. Within these past 6 weeks (of Kundalini Yoga for the Sensitive Soul Series), I feel happier, lighter, energised and grateful to be able to be a part of such an open, honest and connected group of women. I look forward to many more sessions with you. Lots of love xx' - Jess


 'I "came back" to kundalini yoga as a way to "come back" to myself. Using these tools in combination with the beautiful sharing circle of women and Jamie's graceful yet strong approach to teaching, I feel like each week I am able to release barriers being held up and also have my cup filled. This safe space has allowed me to work through things I cognitively knew I would like to and others I didn't know I needed to. Thank you Jamie for being our guide, anchor and curator. It is always such a pleasure to be in your presence.'  - Jess

I hadn't done kundalini yoga before this six week series (Kundalini Yoga for the Sensitive Soul) and I didn't know what to expect at the beginning. Over the past month, I feel like I have been through the most powerful emotional shift that was both completely uncomfortable and entirely necessary. I feel so much gratitude towards Jamie, the other ladies and myself for this journey which was allowed me to start healing emotional wounds from months, if not years, ago. It has been extremely challenging but I'm so excited to continue my practice.' - Nat

'I have enjoyed and appreciated the intimacy of the class, both in numbers and the sharing. We all signed up for the Sensitive Soul Series and Jamie has held the space beautifully. Healing has occurred and I feel grateful for this practice. Can't wait for the next 6 weeks!' - Leisha



This 4-week immersive series kicks off on Tuesday 22 October 2019. 


Each evening will close with delicious floral tea served and a space for reflections and sharing.


Be sure to leave each session feeling more energised, clearer and with more inspired direction.


Enhance your personal transformation.

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