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- my journey of courage & change -

So many have been so brave and vulnerable with me in classes and sessions.

Now it's my turn (and by popular demand - bless!) to return the favour and

share my story in depth. 

Some of the topics I will cover:

- how I got to doing what I do now (from Environmental Scientist to me now)

- my childhood growing up in Singapore and how that shaped me

- how all the signs kept showing up again and again to guide me

- my move from Singapore to Australia at age 16

- how I got to realising and trusting my gifts

- the challenges & fears I have faced (and still face) & how I navigate them daily

- how I picked myself up from the biggest emotional rockbottom

- what continues to inspire me to keep going

- how I receive my intuitive messages, how it has evolved over the years

- how I have learnt to trust it wholeheartedly

- how I manifested my way through change

Who this can benefit & inspire: 

- anyone who wants to learn how I pivoted (basically did a 180deg) in my professional life

- anyone who feels a little lost, or feel like they are in a rut

- anyone who's been in my sphere and have heard snippets of my story in sessions / classes and would like to hear the whole thing (+ get to ask me questions!)

- anyone who is at the crossroads of their life

- anyone who's going through a rockbottom of any sort

- anyone who wants change but just needs that little (maybe final?) nudge

- anyone who would like to pivot into the 'wellness (or any other) field' and

feel a little overwhelmed on how

- anyone wanting to transition out of the corporate world

- anyone wanting to activate their voice, courage and inner strength

There will be plenty time for questions.

If you have a specific question for me prior to the event, please do send them upon registration 

so I can allow time for them amongst my many (guaranteed) tangents.

On-the-spot questions also allowed!



8pm, Wednesday, 4 March 2020 (AEST)

(allow approx. 2 hours)


Online, delivered webinar style, in the comfort of your home.

You will receive a link to the webinar in the confirmation email. Can't make it due to time differences/other commitments, it will be recorded and made available within 24hrs of the event.

What you need?

Bring a cup of tea & some tissues.


Your investment for our online date: