refine your direction, embody you

 Individualised Programs are a unique and special opportunity that offers individually curated support and guidance for anyone wanting to begin, deepen and embody their personal transformation.

These individualised programs are built to further support clients on a one-on-one basis in refining their direction, to maximise their full potential in health, wellbeing and whole-of-life fulfilment.

Being a specialised offering, spaces are limited so Jamie is able to support you fully.


Explore below the three different pathways to receive the support that best suits you.

There is something for everyone. 

individualised coaching

 Understand the deeper layers of life's workings through a consultative approach to discover the energetic blueprint underpinning the root causes of mental, emotional and spiritual dis-ease. Feel supported through pragmatic, practical tips and actions to integrate learnings into everyday living.

Available both in-person & online.

individualised yoga

Using specialised, intuitively curated movement, breathwork, mindfulness practices and yogic sciences to help inform, realign and strengthen your whole mind-body and heart. 

Available both in-person & online.

individualised bodywork

Conscious touch with wholehearted presence can soothe the whole nervous system on an extremely deep level, allowing true surrender to receive deep nurturance and healing. Using a range of different massage and energetic healing techniques to release emotional toxins, clear meridians, earning a truly deep rest in-body, in heart and in alignment.

Available in-person only.


Enhance your personal transformation.

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