practice • journeying with Chattr Charkkr Vartee

A mantric practice to remove fear.

Artist: Gurunam Singh

Track: Chattr Chakkr (Courage)

Album: In The Grace

YouTube link

Also available on iTunes & Spotify if you have a subscription with them


Suggested practice:

chanting at least 11mins a day (approx. 2 cycles of the whole track)

How to weave this mantra into your everyday:

You can play it non-stop at your workplace, home, softly while you sleep to reinforce the new frequency of this sound into your subconscious energetic field. You may also use different versions of it - explore and find your favourite :) 

Journal prompts suggestions to enhance your practice:

+ Where am I holding myself back out of fear?

+ What is one small realistic and actionable step that I can take for myself today?

+ What is something I am willing to let go of today?

+ What support do I require to reinforce what I want to reveal more in my life?

+ If I was completely fearless, what would I be doing?

I recommend having the mantra play in the background as you allow free-writing

to these prompts.

Mantra words & meaning

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