practice • journeying with Ajai Alei

+ build your radiant body

+ activate your higher chakras

+ bring you out of depression and anger

+ dissolve any challenges in front of you

+ receive the power of creation at the tip of your tongue.

Artist: Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

Track: Ajai Alei

Album: Jaap

YouTube link

Also available on iTunes & Spotify if you have a subscription with them

Suggested practice:

chanting at least 11mins a day (the whole track)

How to weave this mantra into your everyday:

You can play it non-stop at your workplace, home, softly while you sleep to reinforce the new frequency of this sound into your subconscious energetic field.

Journal prompts to enhance your practice:

+ Where am I still showing up small?

+ How & where have I given my power away today?

+ What would support me right now?

+ What are some of my subconscious beliefs that hold me back?

+ If I was fully in my power, feeling invincible, healthy and radiant, what would I look like, how would I feel, what would my everyday look like, who surrounds me, how would I care for myself?

I recommend allowing free-writing to these prompts and follow with your practice.

Feeling and seeing these areas of growth get transformed and debunked by the sound current as your vibrate the sounds. 

Mantra words & meaning

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