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In the kundalini yoga tradition, there are very many yogic diets that help support the deepening of our practice, our self evaluation and our growth.

Being a lover of melons, I jumped right into the FULL 27-day version of this melon cleanse in Summer of 2018 without really thinking, which was a bad choice as one of the pre-requisites of this cleanse was to have had prior experience before starting. I had none. Fast forward 4 days in (after 3 days of just eating rockmelon + 1 day of just watermelon), I fainted out of dehydration and from not eating enough. The best thing about this cleanse is to eat as much as possible. It was Summer, it was hot; and the key ingredient was that I didn't allow ANY space in my schedule for rest to support this (any!) cleanse.

This year, when my calendar offered up some space in line with the week of the 1 August New Moon in Leo, and I had had multiple intuitive pulls towards melons and cleansing, I knew my time was now. I was a little more realistic, I did the 5-day abridged version of this palindrome cleanse. You can find details on the cleanse here.

So, the 10 things I learnt from doing this cleanse in the Winter:

1. Dry brushing and almond oil massage prior to cold shower in the morning is an EXCELLENT way to re-energise the system.

2. The thing that was the most grounding for me was to spend time in the sun. The warmth from sitting under the sun was very soothing.

3. While this cleanse can be done at any time of the year, it's typically a Summer time cleanse (I did it in the Winter this time). It was very important to keep myself warm - think hot water bottles, wheat packs, socks, scarves, more so than normal. Keeping the body warm helped me feel cosy and also more grounded.

4. Making sure I did my practice every day. One thing that has been my staple is kundalini froggies. I do at least 26 a day (more often, multiple times of 26). Froggies help to balance our hormones, help ground us and also stabilises our hips and brings circulation to our legs. It is also very important to keep the apana (downward elimination force) flowing strong. Froggies is excellent for this. This is a cleanse after all! We want to release, not hold on!

5. Instead of drinking just filtered water, I was drinking water with sprinkled himalayan salt. I used a glass jar. This really helped to regulate electrolytes in the body.

6. Being a cleanse where quantity wasn't a concern (i.e. I could eat as much as I wanted/felt is needed), it highlighted my 'camel eating' tendencies. What does that mean you ask? Instead of eating more consistently, I was eating HUGE amounts when I ate. As if to make it last between eating. This happens to also be so, so representative of the way I also expand energy, create, interact, relate. Interesting huh?

7. It is SO IMPORTANT to prolifically use salt and pepper on your melons. The pepper REALLY, REALLY HELPS to reduce bloating.

8. Speaking of cravings, every day, around 2pm I would have a single STRONG, very specific craving. The first day was thai green curried asparagus. The second day was grilled teriyaki salmon. Banana on the third. Fried chicken on the fourth day. And (strangely enough), papaya on the fifth day (which was a rockmelon day). Yes, cravings do happen. And it's ok. I just took it as a sign my body needed to rest. So I did. I laid down, or went to a bathhouse, or laid down in by the water.

9. I may have said it before at the start of this post, but it REALLY helped that my schedule was reduced to its bare bones.

10. Allow for plenty of space to reflect, empty out, record and observe. If you own a business, this is highly likely a creative time. Record all the downloads, for future action. Remember, PATIENCE PAYS.

There you have it! The 10 things I learnt on the cleanse. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I highly recommend it.

Reach out if you'd like to try this. Feel free to submit any questions via ASK JAMIE to get them answered anonymously, or comment below.

Note - This cleanse is not recommended for everybody. You should consult with your physician before embarking on restricted food diets, as they may not be appropriate for you.

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