Equinox Mini-Cast

I'm writing to you on the eve of the March Equinox with a smile of acceptance on my face. You see, my computer went kaput just over a week ago taking with it quite a bunch of files, copies of recordings, courses and lectures that weren't backed up anywhere else. Was I upset - yes, mainly from the speed and initial shock at which it all happened. I kept my cool, went through the motions and once again I was fully supported. A friend loaned me her old laptop in the interim. And all (costly) Apple repairs were covered under warranty. I am supported, no matter what.

The expansion drive that I purchased at the beginning of the year with the intention to back everything up has been at the forefront. There literally was the word EXPANSION written on it. Nope, nothing was backed up, everything was in time. The lesson - the holding onto screenshots, saved PDFs, audio recordings of conversations, lectures, sessions from years ago - all information safety blankets of 'just in case' I might need to refer back to, or I might want to rewatch or relisten for the 15th (150th) time. That was no longer needed. Just as well, the Main Logic Board and the connected Power button were the precise parts requiring replacement and reinstallation. A reboot of the literal humanistic 'logic board' through and through!! All stress and disease begins in the holding in the mind!! How could we even make this up!!

This is brings me to my experience of working in the Akashic Records.

What are the Akashic Records - All Knowing Almanac Synthesising Higher Individual Consciousness, Returning Everlasting Clarity On Receiving Divine Support.

When I am in the Records, what comes through flows like a waterfall. And truly, it surpasses the logical narrative, fixative mind - both for my experience and the recipients'. It hits differently, there's almost nothing to grasp or create a story around. Yet, everything changes. The energy quietens within the body, a deeper knowing descends. The grasping to logical meaning loosens. And space is made for transformation to take place and ripple outwards into our everyday experience. The mind (or ego) steps aside, no longer the master, and takes its place as a dutiful servant, where it's best placed.

I share this story to loop us back to my smile of acceptance.

Two days ago out of sheer excitement of the moment, I launched an offering that I have been stewing for quite some time in my creative cauldron - Open Akashic Circle, with two (!!) days to get it out there (not really factoring in that one of those two days was going to be spent entirely with clients, where I tend not to spend much on devices).

Fast forward (no pun intended!) to today, when I finally opened Instagram to promote and speak about it, stories took forever to load. What was happening? I received an audio call (on wifi through an app) with a friend and the sound was pixelated and lagging. What was going on? Ah, a timely email from my mobile provider explained the internet speed had been dropped due to unexpected scheduled maintenance. How am I to run and record a 90min Zoom session when a simple low-bandwidth audio phonecall was already having trouble connecting? And my personal hotspot strength isn't that crash hot either from past experiences, most definitely not reliable enough for my liking to carry the high energies of the event I had put together. Upgrade, this is a part of resetting the foundational pieces of operation. New Logic Board, New Connection. New Operating System.

Ah, I see my human folly now, that smile of acceptance. I see the purpose and meaning behind the reroute back to the drawing board. I smile again. How symbolic of the entry into the Autumnal Equinox, welcoming in the element of Earth. Connecting the ethers into the material. The precise intention I had behind the workshop and style of offering - to ground the energies from the Akashic Records into our emotional bodies. And here we have the precise lesson that came for me to experience. How could we make this up even if we tried!!

On a personal note, an opportunity to solidify and strengthen the wide berth from which I have been journeying with over the last 18+ months, to release the do-or-die pressure cooker style of driving myself. To soften and listen instead of finding 54 ways of trying.

TRUST ~ Total Reliance On Spiritual Timing.

My smile of acceptance is here again.

A short walk around the oval at the end of my street with feet on the grass brings me new insight with fresh space and perspective. We've been whispering in your ear these lessons through words. Start up your blog once more. There's much to share there. And so here we are. A softer, gentler more spacious approach. Message received.

On that note, I opened the Records for the community here. Sit back, take some deep breaths, close your eyes, when you're ready, go forth and receive.

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