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Here we are smack bang in the middle of the second quarter of 2019!

As we are well and truly settled into the Autumnal energy, especially coming off a pretty transformative March, now more than ever is a good time to do a little clarity and refinement exercise around your intentions / goals set either at the start of the season or start of the year:

> What are my goals / intentions / word(s) / mantra?

> Are they still relevant to me now?

> How have I changed in the last three months?

> Where is my current trajectory guiding me towards?

> Where have I truly stepped up?

> Where may I be slacking off?

> Which areas do I require additional support / accountability?

Missed my 'Welcome Autumn' post? Read it again here.

Remember it is never, ever too late to begin again.

Authentic alignment is a DAILY practice.

Continued refinement is a must for your highest evolution.

Need help? Join Challenge for Change, your one-stop-shop for clarifying and igniting change in your life, or simply get in touch for individualised support.

Yours in clarity & in heart,

Jamie x

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