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Winter is my most favourite season. I love the crispness in the air that naturally invites simplicity, clarity and release.

I had a rare Saturday morning off on the weekend, which really inspired me to do a big clean, sweep, dust, vacuum, rearrange, throw and beautify. I put on some mantras, diffused some yummy clearing essential oils and got right into my cleaning zone (which doesn't occur very often or naturally!). Was it enjoyable? YES. Was it worth it? HELL YESS. It allowed me space afterwards to vision the new season.

Wintertime brings the perfect energy to do internal work. If this isn't already a part of your cyclical routine, begin to vision - in three months time, I see myself _____, in three months time, I want to have completed ______, in three months time, I want to have let go of ______ to make space for ______. Write it down, commit to the work and make it happen!

Here are some practices that I felt to share to support you through this natural time of transformation, introversion and rebirthing.

Tip #1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Keep yourself hydrated as we spend more time either in the sun or in a heated space.

Tip #2. While we pile up the layers, winter brings the perfect time to DE-LAYER our clutter, our baggage, our habits, our internal stories, excuses, thought patterns and put them to rest. The time is now. Winter is perfect for death and rebirth. Make a date with yourself and declutter.

Tip #3. Move. If you don't move, nothing is going to move; if you don't change, nothing's going to change either. Get moving. I'm thrilled to offer more movement classes from this month - check out my Classes page for my weekly schedule.

Tip #4. Schedule time to put your bare feet on the earth. Yes, on the floor of a rainforest, on the rock atop a mountain, walk on the sand along the beach, in a creek. Whichever takes your fancy. Air out those soles and toes to help you remember to stay in touch with the bare ground.

Tip #5. Nourish you. Yes, as in food. Good quality locally grown organic produce is ideal! Eat well, sleep well, be well. Dry brush, oil massage yourself daily. Make yourself feel Y-U-M before you step out of the door each day. For all your oily needs, go here. To cultivate or deepen your spiritual practice, go here.

Tip #6. Get real. This one's a little deep, yes. It kinda ties in with Tip #2 above.. It's about simplifying, cutting out the noise. Getting down to the bare bones of some truths that....perhaps.. you've been busying yourself from facing it front on. Do you know what I'm talking about? That's right. THAT. Face it, journal it, feel it, be WITH IT. Therein lies your answer, promise.

Journey well, and have the most delicious time this season.

All my love + more,

Jamie xxx


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