creative writing • grandfather sun, grandmother moon

Clear blue skies overhead

Gritty sand underfoot

Deep blue waters ahead

Grandfather sun behind to boot

To wash away the dead

Of past not long gone that was to create

So many thoughts sunk deep within

Finally with no more to hate

Sandy footprints on this earth we shape

Another story another chance with which to write and initiate

The thirst for life, for love, whatever fills our desires

Through our hands, our hearts sing the stories of we never tire

Together we float on board this boat

The ocean song calls in time ringing in the alchemy fire

Out casts the longings of sweet communion

Of long drawn yearnings with another

In time you'll come, no need for my rebellion

The ocean song never ending it goes on forever

One day the break will come I'm sure as ever

Just as we wait patiently for grandmother moon to take her seat

On her sky throne she makes her debut with true grandeur and grace indeed

#poetry #nature #reflection

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