creative writing • mother ocean

a weekly return to mother water's womb

to reset and restore

pregnant with ideas with whom

may I fall before

to serve to write

filled wisdom never a minute too late

like a lightning bolt with nothing to hide

nothing exchanged no need to complicate

passing always with infinite light

so much depends on wing a'flight

her belly at ease

no one finally more to please

the moon so full yet not quite round

her brightness electrifying without a sound

with beads of life's loves strung a line

so many precious thoughts and memories defined

mother ocean beating her waves

on rocks of anchor from which she so readily gave

continuous in repeated cycle

grand and full of strength like a black knight's buckle

sparkling so shiny she glistens

with a light show encore she makes me listen

for in my heart only I truly know

my soul is singing for another to share this boat I row

#nature #reflection

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