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I choose clarity, not fogginess.

I choose stability, not shaking ground.

I choose lightness, not heaviness.

I choose my authenticity and not just to please.

I choose honesty, not misconstrued perceptions or stories.

I choose what is real for me, not what is real for another.

I choose focus, to pour all my energy into acknowledging what I have created and what I continually create, not what I otherwise could have done.

I choose to take pride, in every choice I have made thus far, not self-sabotage or awkward shame.

I choose trust, that the universe, life always has my back.

I choose humility, that I am always learning, not righteous knowingness.

I choose to always attract lovingness, not petty competition, threat or jealousy.

I choose warmth, closeness and sincerity, not seemingly coldhearted token gestures and niceties.

I choose mutual respect, that each of us exist in our own right and alongside each other, standing tall.

I choose to see the good and the bad in myself and in others, without compromising my love for myself nor them.

I choose only to share my light even in sadness.

I choose not to be better than you,

for in you is another version of me

and you are only ever as good as

I can be. ​

#quest #personalpower

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