A 90min deep dive designed to help bring you more into alignment physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Weaving a plethora of tools and techniques such as dialogue, somatic inquiry, psychosomatic therapy, emotional release bodywork and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.


An energetic alignment session usually begins with a check in conversation to gain clarity on what’s presenting followed by discussion on some possible contributing factors (such as beliefs, conditioning, habits and behaviours). This discussion usually includes intuitive insight and explanation of the underlying energetics and how we can work to shift them. Techniques such as visualisation, guided meditation, cord cutting and somatic inquiry can be used to further inform the topic at hand.


Sessions can include table work incorporating emotional release bodywork / Hawaiian lomi lomi massage to help the physical, emotional and energetic body release of any stuck energy towards an embodied experience of alignment. Learn more about these modalities here.

The session then concludes with tea and space for sharing, reflection and take home actions.


Each client and session is unique and the time allocation for discussion and table work differs. 

Available in-person.

Multi-session packages available.

Read client stories here.





project mid-wifery, creative direction, visual artistry, self-rediscovery


A multi-layered, multi-faceted, activation container to support the actualising and delivery of your passion project.

This is not a one-size fits all methodology or process. It is tailored to YOU, your unique energetic frequency and execution trajectory. Using a penetrative plethora of tools, we will be conquering pre-existing subconscious conditioning and programming to confront limiting mindsets, habitual subconscious thought-forms and invisible doors to get you more aligned with your vision and most importantly, its follow through. To best amplify your capacity for success both within your nervous system as well as in your projective auric field, I will be drawing from various personal rediscovery resources including but not limited to emotional anatomy, psychosomatic principles, chakra science, Human Design, basic nodal astrology, astrogeography and kundalini yogic technology.

What you bring is met in a wholly individualistic way, unique to you, your gifts, your talents to implement the best way to manage your energy throughout your creative birthing evolvement.

This is the most accelerated, wholesome way to work with me. You will get unlimited access to me via text, voice messages and email for the duration of our time together.


Energetic resonance consultations

Vision clarification

Breakthrough deep dives

Mind-set activation

Energetic & emotional clearing


Editorial support

Creative direction

Visual artistry

Action planning

On-going support

What you get:

Refreshed enthusiasm towards work, discipline and action-taking

Strengthened boundaries

Deeper sense of confidence & trust

Embodied learning of the inner masculine & feminine energetic interplays

Enhanced ability to read the energetic anatomy of life

Access to your limitless creative potential

Amplified magnetic frequency

By application only.


Once the application form has been completed, we will jump on a complimentary 30min call to receive the outline our scope-of-works, as well as clarify any concerns and questions. Together, we will create the most effective scope-of-works and time-space methodology for greatest efficiency and maximised productivity, tailored to YOU. The length of time for our work together is dependent upon our agreed focus. Flexible value-added continual support will be available following the conclusion of our initial scope-of-works.



Cosmic Alignment Reading

Using galactic wisdom, intuition and energy reading, this is not just an oracle card pull but an in depth, practical energetic analysis offering practical, intuitive insight into what you need to know, how to progress from it and very practical, actionable steps.

In a Cosmic Alignment Reading, Jamie will receive prior messages and on-the-spot intuitive guidance and messages to help you move forward in an empowered, grounded way. Use this session to get clear on any of the following: life change direction, alignment with your purpose, making a choice, making a change, life/business planning, career/love/health/money direction; anything that supports your unique cosmic alignment.


Your birth time is requested at the time of booking. This assists Jamie to weave in elements of human design, north nodal science, astrogeography, basic astrology & tantric numerology in your session (where applicable). These findings form the basis of your Cosmic Alignment Reading to help better manage your energy, step out of comfort zone stagnation and take simple, actionable steps towards embodied alignment and purposeful living. 


Do include a brief description of the areas of life that needs clarity and direction, as well as any specific questions.

30mins ~ $90

60mins ~ $180 (recommended)

Bundle of 3 ~ $499


Jamie facilitates bespoke ceremonies, retreats and classes on request for private clients, family / milestone events, corporate clients and small groups. If you are interested in an experience with Jamie, please contact her below.