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Kundalini Yoga for the Sensitive Soul is a safe container for you to step into to be fully seen, heard and held. 


Using the potently effective technologies of kundalini yoga and meditation to help us strengthen ourselves, each week will bring a specific focus on strengthening and tonifying our glandular, nervous and endocrine systems to support the embracing of our sensitive, empathic, sensorial ways. Experience the effects of healthier energetic boundaries with the added benefit of glowing radiance, clearer auric field and increased confidence. When we go deep within, we are able to emerge and share our light with those around us, to use our power to uplift and serve the world.


Open and accessible to both men and women of all ages. Beginners are so welcomed.

Week 1 Glandular Reset

Week 2 Emotional Cleansing

Week 3 Protection & Projection

Week 4 Strength & Grace 

Week 5 Intuitive Excellence

Week 6 Radiant Body Expansion

Kundalini Yoga is an individual conscious cleansing process. As person you have to know with your emotion, with your feelings, with your security and insecurity, your commotions, and your imagination. If I take all that away from you and do not give you intelligence, intuition, knowledge and consciousness, then I am doing the worst of all to you. The Law of the Vacuum is, there is no vacuum. So the process is, slowly and gradually, you become more aware, more intelligent, more intuitive.

~ Yogi Bhajan

Register for the full series & receive BONUS access to a private Facebook Group with bonus personal practice content and a platform to share your experience and ask questions.

Limited spaces available to maintain the intimate nature of this offering.


Who is this for:

Anyone who wants to learn tools to better support their nervous system 

Any one who feels overwhelmed by the overstimulation from the digital age we live in

Anyone who would like to build healthier boundaries in their lives

Anyone who's desiring more emotional and mental clarity

Anyone who would like to better connect with their intuition and support their sensitivity


What to expect:

- weekly theme introduction & discussion

- specially curated physical practice

- meditation to support and deepen your upgrade

- deep relaxation

- oracle card reading

- floral tea served & space for reflection, sharing and connection

BYO mat, cushion (optional), water bottle.

Blankets are provided

Floral tea is served at the end of each session.

Wear comfortable clothing.


$198 (whole series)

$37 drop-in

Book for the full series & receive BONUS access to a

private Facebook Group with bonus personal practice content and a platform to share and ask questions.



Venue: The Studio Brisbane - 139 Latrobe Terrace

On-street parking available on Latrobe Terrace & also side streets Collingwood Street & Stafford Street.

Most convenient public transport 70metres from venue: bus 375, Stop 11 - Latrobe Tce at Trammies Corner.


Any questions - please get in touch jamie@thespaciousnest.com

All purchases are final and non-refundable.


About Jamie:

Jamie holds a soft, yet deeply transformative ceremonial space in her group gatherings. She allows each person to be fully and completely seen. It is Jamie’s intention for each participant to be held, heard and transported home at the end of each session. 


Jamie is gifted at creating a space that holds up a mirror for each person to embrace and their sensorial gifts, realise their potential and most of all, to meet with their own transformative capacity to truly blossom. Read about students' experiences here.



This 6-week series kicks off on the eve of the Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday 16 July. 


The evening will close with delicious floral tea served and a space for reflections and sharing.


Be sure to leave each session feeling lighter, empowered and connected.


Enhance your personal transformation.

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