who this is suitable for

+ anyone wanting support for their mental, emotional and spiritual clarity

+ anyone with the desire to understand the root causes to some of their recurring patterns, thoughtforms and habits

+ anyone wanting a sounding board to grid, organise, manifest, birth and concretise ideas (both personal & professional)

+ anyone wanting to understand the energetics behind difficult relationships

+ anyone wanting to identify, understand and clear ancestral patterns

+ learn to make better decisions

how it can help

+ gain clarity in one's energy field and mind

+ release of subconscious patterns, conversations and bad habits

+ improved self-trust through deepened understanding of self 

+ improved self leadership 

+ uplifted personal and professional performance

what to expect in a session

mind-body based talk therapy

energetic reflections of what's presenting

intuitively guided visualisations & oracle readings

practical take-home actions & integrated guidance in between sessions



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investment options

single session

$200 / 90mins


block of three sessions

(2 month expiry from date of purchase)

$540 / upfront


block of six sessions

(3 month expiry from date of purchase)

$1000 / upfront


Enhance your personal transformation.

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