who this is suitable for

+ anyone wanting to create a routine self-care practice

+ anyone feeling stagnation in the expression of their emotions

+ anyone in need of nurturance

+ anyone wanting to drop out of the mind to feel more connected to their body

+ anyone wanting to experience a deep rest in mind, body and spirit

how it can help

+ enhanced feeling of groundedness, centredness and safety in body and in heart

+ reduce stress and bring a greater sense of balance in one's life

+ unwind and relax the mind

+ improve sleep patterns

+ create and maintain healthy circulation and muscle tissue

+ help ease nerve blockages and knots that develop over time

+ help with reduce feelings of depression and anxiety

+ improve posture over time

+ enhance self confidence and feelings of alignment within oneself

+ release mental, emotional and physical toxins

what to expect in a 90min session

a brief conversational check-in

massage / bodywork

closing / de-brief

optional card reading

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investment options

single session

$200 / 90mins


block of three sessions

(2 month expiry from date of purchase)

$540 / upfront


block of six sessions

(3 month expiry from date of purchase)

$1000 / upfront



Enhance your personal transformation.

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