Jamie brings a sense of sanity and space into my life. Calm, knowledgeable and wise.

Sometimes I don't realise I needed my regular chat with her until I get there. I walk out with significant shifts in my being, perspective and mood.


Thank you Jamie for walking alongside me on this incredible journey (walking out of) this job. You helped me to see it as it was, to trust myself and intuition, reduce self doubt, to believe in myself and have the courage to take actions to an exciting future. 

- Michelle B.


When I first went to see Jamie, I felt very disconnected and alone. I was working a job I hated, and helping others whilst suffering in silence. She helped me explore those feelings, and opened me up to trust and reconnect with the community around me.  She worked on releasing physical ailments whilst aligning my mind and body to be balanced and in tune with the world again.  She helped me recognise some old belief systems that were sabotaging my new relationships, so I have been able to recognise patterns and pivot myself in a new exciting direction.

I now work in the personal development industry, which I never thought would be possible. It is through Jamie's encouragement and kindness that I developed the courage to push past my hurt and towards my dreams.   Highly recommend her services for anyone struggling to align body and soul to find inner peace again.

- Amie S., Relationship Manager



I came to Jamie for the first time as I was dealing with a lot of anxiety with work and feeling really lost in my path with life.  Jamie listened with an open mind and heart and we worked on my emotions and fears with counseling and releasing past hurts and blockages with her bodywork therapy.  We came up with a plan and boy did the universe listen!!!!  

 Jamie is a kind, caring, honest and a true healer!  But most of all, I feel like I also found a friend in Jamie!  It is her nurturing nature and happy energy that just draws people towards her.  I can't wait to book in another session with her and know that I will feel amazing, loved and supported!

​- Ginger M.,  Entrepreneur & Chef


I have found Jamie's emotional release bodywork to be authentic and very beneficial. Jamie uses massage to identify areas of the body where tension from negative emotions accumulate.  By using pressure point massage on those areas, not only is physical tension released but also emotional tension.

 Jamie supports this release in the most caring and compassionate way.  If one so chooses, the source of emotional tension can be explored in discussion before and after treatment.  From my discussions with Jamie, it is clear that she is an extraordinarily empathetic person who suggests gentle ways to achieve harmony and healing within oneself.

​- Patricia D., teacher


I had a bodywork treatment with Jamie a week ago for back pain, and I genuinely haven't felt this pain free in a long time. I have mild scoliosis so I'm used to having a constantly sore back to some degree for over 15 years now, despite seeing chiropractors and having regular remedial massages with other therapists.

I'm not going to bother with any massage therapist other than Jamie now. She is a calming and grounding presence, gently guides you to stay present in your body during the treatment, and well - one treatment with Jamie has done more to alleviate my back pain than numerous sessions with different massage therapists and chiropractors. Thank you so much!

- Gemma P.



I have been blessed to work with Jamie, and I would go everyday if I could. 
It’s 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (5 stars) all the way, down to quality oils she uses or down to her spirit that she gives during each session 

I often wonder how she can harvest so much goodness for your soul. All the different type of sessions I have had with her leave me completely understood and fulfilled with the beauty of our universe. Do yourself a favour and book the 90 minute appointment, your body will love you for it.

- Kylie K.



I didn’t know what to expect going into my first Transformational Bodywork massage but Jamie made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process! She held a safe space for me and was firm yet gentle and kindly nurtured me. I immediately felt lighter, brighter and happier afterwards and I’m still feeling it 5 days later! I can’t wait for my next treatment!

- Jess R.


Jamie has a wonderful blend of modalities and an exceptional intuitive practice. Her down-to-earth approach always leaves me feeling comfortable, open and safe in her hands, with tremendous results after just our first session.

- Steph M., Artist & Events Co-ordinator




Working with Jamie in her specialised kundalini women's series has been transformational for me. She holds such firm AND gentle space for people, she directs but does not pressure, she commands growth even only with her presence. I love the rituals she organises - I love the cards, the crystals, the oils, the intimate sharing, the chanting... her words resonating while we are holding a posture or while listening to powerful mantras, that she explains and applies to our own personal stories. I am always struck by the deep invocation of greater power that we all inevitably feel.

Jamie is a generous spirit and exhumes energy. I feel deeply connected to myself and recharged after each class. The physical work settles my mind and teaches me about endurance on so many levels. Every time is different and every time there is new light and jewels to unearth. Thank you, Jamie! Sat nam x​

- Aleksandra, Psychologist, Wife & Mother



About a month ago I got the intuitive pull to look into learning Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and was quickly divinely lead to Jamie and her classes. I decided to come in for a free class to see if Kundalini was the right fit for me and I fell so in love with the process and the incredible space that Jamie holds for you whilst she teaches and guides you in your practice that I signed up for Jamie's Feminine Shakti Activation Series immediately, as I knew it was going to bring about so many positive changes.

I have been practising with Jamie through this series for only two weeks and the energetic shifts, the alignment and the inner peace that has come from it has been out of this world. I had every single ex-partner that I have had reach out and make peace with me, my energetic makeup has completely changed, my aura is clean and strong, I vibrate on a whole new wavelength and "medical" issues I have had for years have completely vanished including a breathing/chest problem  that no doctor could figure out!

If you are being called to practice Kundalini Yoga & Meditation I highly recommend Jamie and her classes as she is the most supportive, fun, charismatic, intuitive, caring space holder and an incredible teacher & guide. She is very passionate about what she brings to the table in her sessions but she's also that beautiful infectious bright light in the room that makes you laugh and smile from the heart.

​- Jess A., New-Age Clairvoyant & Soul Enlightenment Coach


My first kundalini yoga experience was with Jamie. Looking back, I am very lucky to have Jamie as my first teacher. I went to a kundalini yoga class without knowing what kind of yoga this is. Jamie set certain level of standard for everyone to achieve within their own capacity in her class. Her verbal explanation of what we are trying to achieve helped me to keep focussing on my own strength (mentally and physically) while some postures and breathing were challenging. Jamie teaches us the background philosophy of certain practices and this helps us to understand what we are trying to achieve.

She teaches with force and clear direction which helps participants a lot, especially beginners like myself. Kundalini yoga requires us to set our own goal and to achieve it with discipline - often and regardless how old you are, we need an external push at the beginning to achieve it.

 Jamie provides this external force with her encouraging and powerful words and demonstration of posture and breathing. After each class, Jamie organises a tea session with participants - her smile radiates happiness and satisfaction for all of us upon completion of a great class. She is a wonderful Kundalini Yoga teacher!

​- Miwa


And so today the journey begins! Showing up on the mat regardless of the fear of breaking open in front of others. The tears they came! Something as sacred as loving myself regardless of it all and allowing it to be as it will be, can't not bring my heart to a space of an emotional release. Raw, vulnerable, human, Allowing, accepting, loving. Sharing in ritual, mantras and kriyas, holding space for fellow women, moves me deeply. The love you can feel in a room full of strangers blows my mind.

There is something incredibly precious that moves me deeply when I am a part of honouring the divinity of women, almost a memory of having done this before. The tears a release of being so starved of a spiritual connection with sisters...my heart is so nourished, my soul awakening again. Step by step I am healing, realigning with my ancient knowing. Seeing the divine feminine rise delicately but with an inner fire of strength and determination.

This is how just one class of kundalini yoga makes me feel!! Alive from the inside! It makes me want to (and gives me the courage too feel safe enough and proud enough too) share my natural face with the world. To anyone who knows me well, this is an unbelievable feat for me!! It makes me want to love my 42 year old self!! My eye bags, my fine lines, my many grey hairs and my gigantic forehead, which I always try to hide in photos! It makes me not want to hide anymore, it makes me want to open up and connect with people. It makes me want to love who I really am...whilst making it very clear who I am not.

Raw, naked, real...that's the path I'm headed down.

 - Anita


' I hadn't done kundalini yoga before this six week series (Kundalini Yoga for the Sensitive Soul) and I didn't know what to expect at the beginning. Over the past month, I feel like I have been through the most powerful emotional shift that was both completely uncomfortable and entirely necessary. I feel so much gratitude towards Jamie, the other ladies and myself for this journey which was allowed me to start healing emotional wounds from months, if not years, ago. It has been extremely challenging but I'm so excited to continue my practice.' - Nat

'I "came back" to kundalini yoga as a way to "come back" to myself. Using these tools in combination with the beautiful sharing circle of women and Jamie's graceful yet strong approach to teaching, I feel like each week I am able to release barriers being held up and also have my cup filled. This safe space has allowed me to work through things I cognitively knew I would like to and others I didn't know I needed to. Thank you Jamie for being our guide, anchor and curator. It is always such a pleasure to be in your presence.'  - Jess G.

The last 6 weeks (of Kundalini Yoga for the Sensitive Soul series) have been tough...but it needed to be in order for me to move past the suppressed anger, frustration, betrayal, people pleasing fear that I was holding onto. I feel more comfortable being sensitive + angry! I've appreciated the safe space to share, chant and meditate. This has been amazing. You have awoken my curiosity and love for kundalini.' - Laura

'Absolute amazingness....I felt called to share with you the dramatic impact (the card I drew last night) had on me, my way of being and thinking. I am navigating my (low) wave from a completely different perspective and am using the energy constructively and learning about myself in a completely different way; transforming darkness to lightness. I love this (Osho) deck and I LOVE Jamie's work. (It is) hitting me in ways I never thought possible.' - Em

'Kundalini yoga isn't for the faint-hearted. It's not for people who are resistant to change - internally and externally and it's not for people who don't want to grow. What I have experienced the past 6 weeks (of the Spring Bloom & Prosper Series) has been the most life changing, in a positive way. I can feel myself on a higher vibration and a clearer way of thinking. Words can't express how thankful I am to have Jamie facilitate a kundalini yoga class. She's magic <3' - Jess R.