A supportive challenge kickstarting your personal transformation

Everything is changing, constantly; yet change can feel like a struggle due to fear, attachment to the past, anxiety, which all stem from our subconscious negative mind that wants to keep us safe. This constant back-and-forth mind-play keeps us safe (and small) encourages a condition of constant hassle in the mind that drains our precious energy and time. 


To truly create sustainable change, we need to wholeheartedly see and own our own maturity and potential. This requires daily, conscious practice and action.

By joining Jamie on this 40-day 'Challenge for Change' daily practice, you will begin the process of self evaluation to gently probe the ego to invoke change from within and to unblock subconscious communication, so that you can build your inner sensitivity and begin to surrender your self to your Higher Self. We will be using the powerfully transformative technique of kundalini yoga & meditation as well as Jamie's specially curated tools for clarity and direction through the many facets of change and personal transformation.


+ A recorded video of the meditation practice

+ Downloadable weekly journalling prompts for actionable steps

+ Access to an online forum for support, accountability and questions answered


Anyone going through or is about to go through a period of transition & change in their life

Anyone wanting to "take that next step" but struggles due to low self worth / self sabotage / doubt / fear

Anyone wanting to create change but don't know where to start

Anyone wanting to begin a personal kundalini meditation practice in a supported, guided environment

Anyone wanting to gain clarity on their next steps

Anyone seeking a little more peace and calm through changing times


This Challenge for Change is live & ready for you to dive in for practice

over a suggested period of forty days (minimum).


Minimum 15mins a day.

For the best result, you are encouraged to practice every single day for forty days. 


A digital device

Access to wifi / mobile reception

Journal + pen

A designated, fairly quiet space for practice + reflection

Earphones (optional)


Some kundalini meditation experience is helpful but not necessary. 


Was $55

NOW $33 (as of 24 March 2020)


What if I can't start on 1 December 2018 but I want to join? 

That's ok. You will have lifetime access to the videos and downloadable support material. You are so welcomed to start anytime AND continue practicing.

If I can't commit to the 40 days, can I still take part?

Yes. Though, do understand that forty consecutive days are set for a reason to build upon and concretise the benefits of the meditation. It also helps to create new neural pathways as well as build your self commitment, inner resilience and trust. You are welcomed to start at anytime.

I haven't done kundalini yoga or meditation of any sort before, is this for me?

Yes, of course! This practice is suitable for absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners.

I struggle with accountability and staying on track for all of 40 days. Will this help?

Absolutely! Included is a 40-day counter to help you keep and stay accountable.

I have injuries and find it challenging to sit on the ground or in a meditative posture. Suggestions?

That's totally fine. The practice can be done sitting comfortably on a chair with all the support you need to maintain a straight spine and feet on the ground.

How do I access the practice and supported materials?

Once payment is received, you will be redirected to a page on this website to set up your own log-in for online access. Content goes live on the paid-access page 1 Dec 2018.

Ready to change?

Got a burning question? 

Get in touch with Jamie directly

Disclaimer: The content and arrangement of this program is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition or to replace/substitute any healthcare professional, medical advice and/or treatment. If in doubt, always consult a medical physician prior to any activity. In event of a medical condition, please consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate medical prescription.