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The Akashic Records is a metaphysical library that houses the complete vibrational history of every thought, experience, emotion and interaction of every soul that has ever existed. The Records provide an infinite connective fabric storehouse of multidimensional information, guidance, reflection and insights that can be accessed to assist us in our soul evolution in this body, in this current incarnation.


Information sought in a reading can assist in understanding deeply all facets of life - from relational dynamics, triggers both in past lives and present, life direction & purpose, health concerns, to business decisions, challenges & so much more - anything that can support one's empowered healing, expression, understanding, growth, evolution and transformation for this current season of life.


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Upon booking, you will receive an email that invites you to send through questions to provide gentle focus for your reading. Note, the Records do not offer definitive answers with dates and specifics. It respects free will and offers information to support you to make empowered choices.


Below is a taste of some sample questions/prompts to use:

Can you tell me more about....

I'd like to learn/understand more about....

< this > is what I'm going through, I'd like to understand....

I'd like to receive guidance on....

How can I best ____?

Why does ___ keep happening?


Use your own words, trust yourself and your curiosity. The energy & specificity placed behind the question frames the response. 3-5 questions are ideal.


As this offering is done completely remotely, kindly disregard the timezone difference. Your reading will be emailed to your nominated email address shortly after the 'time' of your appointment. 


You will receive a beautifully designed mini-booklet which can be printed, bound and reflected upon. Expect approximately 5-8 pages, 1200-2000 words. Anyone who purchases a reading will also receive access to book a 45min follow up support 1:1 session, at an additional cost to the reading.


All readings are to be paid for upfront upon booking.


Upon booking, I will also require your name of choice to enter your records. Please include this name in the subject line of your email with your questions. All purchases are final and non-refundable - kindly consider wisely prior to making your purchase.